I'm here for the adventure;

documenting the feelings, the passion and all of its beauty.





real people
real adventures
real emotions


let's go where you feel most alive



"Just do it. You won't be disappointed! She's one of the chillest people I know and I guarantee you'll be able to be yourself, and she'll catch what your life is really like (which I truly believe is the most valuable part of a photo)"


"If only I had one word... unforgettable. Lindsey made our day one that we want to relive every day.
I've heard people say that their mind was blank on their wedding day, but Lindsey helped ours to be smooth, and stress free. I can honestly say that I remember every moment, and the photos help recall the highlights. They tell the story of how amazing it truly was." - Ali Meropoulis


"Lindsey took absolutely beautiful pictures of our family. She has a great eye for composition and an easy-going approach to taking pictures. We've loved the pictures and gotten so many compliments from friends and family. Will definitely be calling her again next time!"

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